The Applicance Of Science

A couple of contacts have become involved with, a “broadband TV channel dedicated to science”. Maybe it’s just me, but everytime I type the word science I hear Magnus Pyke, as sampled in Thomas Dolby’s timeless[0] classic “She Blinded Me With Science”.

Anyway, hand-waving wild-haired boffins apart, they’re soliciting Ideas for Science Programmes. A bit of a wide brief, really. I tend to find myself thinking about this like I do technology product development; don’t start from what can we make? but start from who would we make it for?, or even better, who can we sell it to?. Find the market need first, guys. And there is a market need; as I’ve noted before, the public perception of science and scientists is pretty skewed by people like Dan Brown (on whom may everlasting opprobrium and contempt fall) or even Michael “We’re In The Hands Of Engineers” Crichton. Where are the Bronowskis of today? David Attenborough is hanging up his optimistically white suits after his next series. There’s a need, oh yes.

[0] Timeless in the sense that the 80s classics are all, um, timeless. Which is to say, dated.