Ready-to-handness, and bed.

So here’s an interesting study done on a sample size of one (me). I’m pondering a blog entry, and I have two ways to write it. I can (a) get up, walk to the study, unlock one of the Linux laptops waiting patiently, fire up the LiveJournal web page and then type, on a proper keyboard. And it’ll be a fast machine, with a sprightly web browser to find interesting and relevant links.

Or, (b), I could use the LiveJournal app on the iPad. Which means two-finger typing on a screen keyboard, fighting the autocorrect. And a slow browser, with the sluggish copy-and-paste that iOS 5 has brought to the original iPad (thanks, Apple, I was worried the iPad was too fast before you released iOS 5). So, in terms of the actual task I want to do, no contest.

But (b) means I don’t have to get up yet. And the iPad’s already here. And I’m comfy. Damn.

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