Switching to WordPress

So I moved blog hosts, and left Livejournal. This was not the result of some long soul-searching process, but the outcome of scratching one particular itch: I write posts that contain code or sometimes guitar tab and I was getting irritated with how complex Livejournal made it to do any sort of formatting.

Plus… I love markdown. You can get used to it very quickly when writing descriptions in github, and we use big, detailed markdown README files at Mobify. So I want that power when writing blogposts.

Plus… WordPress.com promised to import my old blog, comments and all.

The only downside is that some other Ben Last, somewhere in the world, has registered benlast.wordpress.com and put an empty, unused blog there, meaning that I can’t use that blog name. The name I used, Kajikazawa, is from a Hokusai picture, a copy of which I once owned, before I sold almost everything and moved to Canada. Let the new blog start be as cathartic as the new life start.


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