Two Nations Divided By A Common Language

Now that was annoying. I see news of an excellent new feature in Google Mail; custom “From” addresses. Now, this is a good thing because it allows me to appear to my contacts via the same address they’ve been used to seeing but also because “” addresses seem to be helping my emails get marked as spam. Hmph. Anyway, off I go to set up a new address… and I find that there’s no way to do it. The “Accounts” tab that the Help so carefully explains doesn’t appear for me. I feel so rejected.
However, a few moment’s thought and Googling shows me the problem; I changed my language to “English (UK)”. Changing it to “English (US)” causes the magical new options to appear in full. Hoorah. Now my email has the right “From:” header… but also a different “Sender:” header, causing yet more spam detectors to scream with suspicion. Hey ho.
Anyway, there you have it; blogged so that others in the same situation might find the solution.

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