Plus Ca Change

The lack of updates (for which many will have found their RSS feeds to be the cleaner and more informative) is for a good reason; I’m just emerging from a period of transition from one job to another.  During such a time, Those Who Blog can find it appropriate to stop saying anything new in public lest it affect the impression that potential employers have of them.  Thus the silence.
Of course, it’s daft to start worrying about what your blog says when you move jobs; you should worry when you make any entry.  In fact, you should worry just before you click “Post” or the equivalent and consider: What will that entry say about me in five years’ time?  Google caching and the Wayback Machine, amongst others, mean that every youthful indiscretion that one blogs is, potentially, there forever (and that, as Prince said, is a mighty long time).
I don’t think there’s anything on here that’s counted against me, though one contact did ask me why there was so much about programming when I don’t really market myself as a programmer any more.  My response was to point out that one should never lose touch with the basic skills of your profession, whatever your level in it.  And that there’s no good reason I shouldn’t mess around with bits of Python and Java if I want to, even if I’m now moving on to do a job even more removed from the basic bit-shuffling that we laughingly term software engineering.  For better or worse, whether I’m presenting a proposal to a board or trying to define a mobile product strategy, I am at heart still someone who sees systems in terms of lines of code; I don’t think that’ll ever change and I wouldn’t want it to. Vive, if you will, la provenance

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