An Ever-Rollin’ River Of Rant

When I posted my lil’ case study of open-source software a week or so ago, a number of individuals were kind enough to contact me and unload their negative opinions of my comments.  I had, in the process of discussing the pros of various OSS projects, also mentioned a couple of cons, and this met with disfavour amongst a subsection of the “community”.  The positive comments I made apparently met with universal approval.  I found it a touch one-sided.  Maybe it was the crack about zealotry that did it… I didn’t intend to cause offence then, and I don’t now.

Anyway, in the hope that it will cause distress, upset, spontaneous combustion and a wave of myocardial incidents amongst the more highly-strung of those who peruse the RSS feeds, here is a link to the excellent Bile Blog (courtesy of Miguel de Icaza’s blog).  The particular entry linked is about Apache’s new Harmony project, but I encourage you to read down for more.  Enjoy.

I should point out that I offer this link in exactly the same spirit as Miguel did; because it’s funny. The BileBlog is the same sort of thing as Old Man Murray; the author hates almost everything and everyone. It’s done for effect, and shouldn’t be taken seriously 🙂

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