Reality, modified

Fascinating article in Wired about a guy called Graham Flint, whose Gigapxl Project [sic] is capturing huge, um, gigapixel images of places in America.  But I found this odd; when talking about a picture of a nude-sunbathing beach, he’s quoted as saying: “We might have to add fig leaves in Photoshop, it’s that good”.

Why capture reality in as dense detail as you can… and then edit it to fit the retarded moral sensibilities of those who think the human body is something to be ashamed of?

One thought on “Reality, modified

  1. Re: Ever heard of humor? 😉

    Heh 🙂
    Point taken, but I thought the clash of points-of-view was interesting 🙂 The Victorians in Britain occasionally wanted figleaves or other modifications to classical statues, and I sensed a little bit of that in the article. If you’re recording history for the future, I think there’s a bit of an obligation on you to try and keep as many of your own biases out of the process.
    And America seems to be so much more prudish these days following the famous Wardrobe Malfunction Incident 🙂

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