And God Bless All Who Sail In Her

And so, with nary a soul to witness, the Mobile Phone Project site goes live.  Behind it lie endless, trackless deserts of Python code, some encrusted around the Zope engine, the rest in the background scripts that take the raw content and upload it to the several different servers, watermarking and rescaling images, checking databases and pre-generating webpages.  I’m happy to say that throughout it all, whilst Zope has frustrated me and PIL has fallen short of my expectations, I’ve never once regretted the decision to use Python as the core of the whole thing.  If only I could have written the actual Floofs software in it, my joy would have been unconfined.

Which will raise the question; what the blinkin’ flip is a Floof.  Click and find out.  Enjoy, or not, I don’t mind.  I have a website to run, more software to develop and miles to go before I sleep.  And there’s a bottle of Shiraz with my name on it…

3 thoughts on “And God Bless All Who Sail In Her

    • Indeed, though unfortunately the reach of that particular platform is even more limited than Series 60 itself. You gots to work with what the punters have installed…

      • Oh, of course. But I think (hope) that it’s inevitable that it will be a success, which will make all the other phone manufacturers produce a version (incompatible, naturally – can’t have everything).

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