Backslash And Burn

Grr.  I wrote a lovely long blog, all about working on trains and software development in the shower.  Then Semagic went and lost it.  A pox, I say, upon blogging software that doesn’t autosave.

Ah well.  There’s a new version of Quasi out, for those (nearly a hundred!) who have downloaded it so far.  This one has, at last, proper cd, ls, pwd and dir commands; including proper handling of backslashes so the Windows-ites can type

cd c:\temp

or even

cd d:\

and have their backslashes treated with the respect they deserve.  Good enough for an interim release.  Next, a decent web page for it, and maybe even an RSS feed for updates.  Hoorah and celebrations.  I’m off for a beer.

7 thoughts on “Backslash And Burn

    • Actually, it’s already on, every 60 secs. However, I had to restart (as in Start/Shutdown/Restart) the PC, and it looks like it trashed the draft file (it contained only a single dot). But thanks anyway 🙂

      • Hm, wonder if that feature’s seriously broken or something. I don’t use that feature so I wouldn’t have noticed, though on occasion it has died, and the draft *was* preserved.

        Well. Sorry that wasn’t helpful.

  1. how exactly did you lost it? i.e. it crashed etc.? maybe you saved to a community draft which has separate name for each community? was the date of the file exactly equal to the last save time?

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