Get Your Kicks On Nokia’s Sixty-Six (Hundred)

Naturellement, all Pythonistas will have seen the stuff about Python, Nokia and Series 60.  Oddly enough, I’m heavily involved in the Mobile Phone Project which has a strong Series 60 flavour… and I’m working with a bunch of people who are almost certainly in the Forum Nokia PRO or better.  Only I have a Sony Ericsson phone, a P800.  So I didn’t bother too much.

Until this afternoon when my network provider called me to offer me a free upgrade… to a 6600.  Hmmm.  Gimme the NDA, Nokia, and I’ll sign…

3 thoughts on “Get Your Kicks On Nokia’s Sixty-Six (Hundred)

  1. I actually bought a series 60 (as opposed to some other make/model) pretty recently hoping that they’d release it. They did, but only to pro members. Unfortunately, pro membership is way too expensive for someone who isn’t selling lots of mobile applications.

    Here’s to hoping they offer it to the general public in a reasonable timeframe…

    • I believe pro membership is 350 euros (or somewhere around that sort of figure), assuming one’s application is approved. On the other hand, we are hoping to sell lots of mobile applications (or lots of one particular one, to be exact) 🙂

      Since posting that, I have had a surreptitious email from someone I know who *is* on the program, saying that they believe there will be a general release in the future. I have no way of verifying that, but here’s hoping.

      • Well, your figure would make it ALMOST affordable for someone screwing around, but it’s actually an order of magnitude more: 3000 EUR per annum.

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