A Hundred Musts And A Should Or Two

So three and half hours of establishing project requirements later…
There are only a few sorts of meeting.
The first sort is where ThoseWhoCommand seek to provide guidance/orders/information (strike out those that do not apply) to ThoseWhoObey. Try to avoid these.
The second sort is where people (usually male) who aspire to be ThoseWhoCommand from OrganizationA meet their counterparts from OrganizationB. These can be interesting to the abstracted observer who can see examples of human territorial and pecking-order establishing behaviour in the wild, as the various players “tomcat around” each other. Listen to the stories of battles won and lost, and smell the virtual scent of boundary-marking urine.
The third sort is where ThoseWhoDo (a disjoint set, ideally, from either ThoseWhoCommand and ThoseWhoObey) get together to work out how something worth doing is best done. These are good meetings. Yesterday’s was one of these.
Out of it will pour a veritable waterfall of established Things that the application Must Do, together with a smaller number of Things that it Should Do. There will also be some Things that are NiceToHave. It’s inevitable that some of these will fall by the wayside during the long, hard journey of Development to the Mount Doom of Product Release. Mourn for them in advance, for there will be no time later on.

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