First We Have Naming Of Parts

So it’s 12:30. So in half an hour (media hora) I zoom off through the Cheshire lanes to the kickoff requirements setting meeting for ThePhoneProject. This would be slightly easier if we actually had the contract signed, but it’s arrived in the inbox around an hour ago and is still the subject of debate. Maybe I’ll end up signing it and handing it over at the start; nothing like hitting the ground running.
It’s a fun project, or promises to be, with a bunch of C++ development of a phone app (which someone else is doing and I’m managing) and a significant amount of Zope/Python code (which I’m doing and also managing). Pressure’s high, expectations ditto. But hey, if life was boring, it’d be, erm, more boring.
As it is, it’s a lovely spring/summer day, and I have a half hour drive through the countryside from home to the meeting. The One True Joy of working the way I do is that I can appreciate where I live because I spend so much time here. The laptop in the study, or in the dining room with the patio doors open to the garden (wireless networking is my friend), or even, sunlight permitting, in the garden. Yes, it’s all down to me and if I screw up there’s nobody else to help, but then every job has pros and cons.
I also get half an hour each way (there and back) to do another Spanish lesson. Which is pretty pointless in every sense other than being interesting. My father, being the sort of annoying intellectual who accomplishes six impossible things before breakfast daily, speaks German, French and more than a smattering of Dutch and those Scandinavian languages that look like German and sound like Gaelic. Hence tackling German and French is the sort of proactive career move that would be squarely on his turf. Spanish isn’t, so hoorah for the power of the CD burner and two more half-hour doses of Pimsleur’s Spanish II.

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